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Richard Giannino - President

Richard Giannino has been involved in executive search for more than seventeen years. He has specialized in the hospitality industry conducting both retained and contingency search on a national level. Rich's career started in the casual theme restaurant industry where he held positions as Regional Manager, Director of Management Training and Development, and Director of Human Resources. These experiences have provided him with first hand knowledge of the intricacies and challenges of the hospitality industry. He has built relationships through trust and results. As an executive in his former company once said, "Rich was in search of excellence before the book was written"

Rich and his wife Mary have been happily married for over twenty years and have two school age children.

Joe Talarico - "JT"

Joe Talarico, has spent equal time specializing in Operations, Human Resources, Recruiting and Training & Development. Having been exposed to corporate and franchise situations, he has taken an active role in 300+ restaurant openings, domestically & internationally. Joe has been pro-active in promoting this great industry by being an active member and speaker within the CHART and Educational Foundation organizations.

Joe, a leader in assisting organizations in Strategic Planning - Business Plans, and Executive level as well as Restaurant level management development, has also worked with start-up companies developing hourly training material, which 'speaks' to youth today. He has developed a total communications system, which relies heavily on the use of video, cd/dvd training. He has a depth of knowledge in analysis, development and implementation of programs.

Joe's reputation in the industry is founded on the belief that to grow profitability as an organization you must focus on 'principle centered leadership.' His quick paced, passionate, energetic style of management participation and his ability to 'gently push' people beyond the ordinary, are personal trademarks. What's your Dream? Joe will help!

Joe and wife Sue, happily married for 29 years, are the proud parents of two, great young adults.

"The Power of Choice"

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